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Virginia Boudreau

Virginia Boudreau is a writer living in south west Nova Scotia, Canada. She can often be found on a beach. Her poetry and prose have appeared in a wide variety of international literary publications both in-print and on-line. She enjoys exploring seashores, old-growth forests, and flower gardens. Waterfalls and Yorkies delight her and she has a soft spot for neuro-divergent learners.

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Briefly Write (UK)

The Last Stanza (US)

the way out is the way in (LCP Chapbook Series) (CAN)

Palette Poetry (US)


Sylvia Magazine (UK)

House of Zolo Press http://House of Zolo’s Journal of Speculative Literature Volume 3

Songs of Eretz (US)

Claw and Blossom (US)

Understorey Magazine (CAN)

Understorey Magazine (CAN)

Understorey Magazine (CAN)

The Whimsical Poet (US)

Third Wednesday (US)

MoonFlake Press (UK)

The Caterpillar (UK/Children’s Magazine)

Woods Reader Vol2 Issue 3 (US)

Westerly Magazine (Australia)

Revolute Magazine (US)

Salt and Wild Anthology (Boularderie Island Press/ CAN)

Thimble (US)

Flare Flagler Review (US)

Querty Literary Magazine (CAN)

Writing Menopause Anthology (Innana Publications and Education Inc/CAN)

The Scrivener Review (CAN)

Willard and Maple (US)

Halcyon Days (US)

Dying Dahlia Review (US)

Jonah Magazine (CAN)

Galleon (CAN)

Panoplyzene (US)

Firewords 8 Escape (UK)

Eclectica (US)

Adanna Review (US)

Balloons (Children’s Magazine/Hong Kong)

Intima (US)

Star 82 Review (US)

The Gyroscope Review (US)

The MacGuffin (US)

3Elements Review (US)

Soliloquies (CAN)

The Cumberland River Review (US)

The Voices Project (US)

Continuum Anthology (Cranberry Tree Press/Winning Poem/CAN)

Letting Go: An Anthology of Loss and Survival (Black Moss Press/CAN)

Transitions 2000, 2009, 20015 (CAN)

Gaspereau Review No14 (CAN)

Pottersfield Portfolio Vol22 No3 (CAN)

Amethyst Review Vol7 No2 (CAN)

Room of One’s Own Volume 28:1 (CAN)

Creative Non-Fiction

Bacopa Literary Review (US)

Grain (CAN)

The New Quarterly (Post Scripts/CAN)

The Sonder Review (US)

metafore Magazine (US)

Foliate Oak (US)

The Eastern Iowa Review (US)

Salt and Wild Anthology (Boularderie Island Press/CAN)

Tread Bikely (US)

Riddlebird July 2022 Vol1.1


Please See Me “Avuncular” April 2022

Teach/Write http://Teach.Write April 2023

Honeyguide-Owl in the Snow June 2021 (US)

The New York Times-Breaking Through to Brandon (US)

Coastal Life in Western Nova Scotia April/May 2011 (CAN)

The Yarmouth Sun 1994 (CAN)


Blink Ink 50 Word Fiction Issue 28 (US)

Agnes and True (CAN)

The First Line (US) Spring 2022

Children’s Works

Cricket Magazine (US) (Upcoming publication)

The Caterpillar (IE) Fall 2020

Balloons Lit. Journal (HK) Mar 2016

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The Bacopa Review





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