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Virginia Boudreau

Virginia Boudreau is a writer living in south west Nova Scotia, Canada. She can often be found on a beach. Her poetry and prose have appeared in a wide variety of international literary publications both in-print and on-line. She enjoys exploring seashores, old-growth forests, and flower gardens. Waterfalls and Yorkies delight her and she has a soft spot for neuro-divergent learners.

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Creative Non-Fiction

Bacopa Literary Review (US)
Grain (CAN)
The New Quarterly (Post Scripts/CAN)
The Sonder Review (US)
metafore Magazine (US)
Foliate Oak (US)
The Eastern Iowa Review (US)
Salt and Wild Anthology (Boularderie Island Press/CAN)
Tread Bikely (US)
Riddlebird July 2022 Vol1.1 http://www.riddlebird.com


Please See Me “Avuncular” April 2022

Honeyguide-Owl in the Snow 2021 (US)honeyguide

The New York Times-Breaking Through to Brandon (US)

Coastal Life in Western Nova Scotia April/May 2011 (CAN)

  • The Yarmouth Sun 1994 (CAN)


  • Blink Ink 50 Word Fiction Issue 28 (US)
  • Agnes and True (CAN)
  • The First Line (US) Spring 2021

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